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“Conduct a surveillance discreetly using one of our high end Nanny Cameras”

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 24 /7 Recording Hook Camera
paleancameras kenya introduces the latest model of the Spy hook camera series, this spy nanny camera has unsurpassed and extremely excellent features:-
1. It can record with two modes i.e.
2. 24/7 recording while on charging mode or
3. On its own internal battery with a capacity of upto 3-6 hours on motion detection
4. Full HD 1280 x 960 pixels with unbelievably excellent video & sound quality
5. 160 degree wide viewing angle with motion detection capability
6. Inbuilt Night Vision Capability with superb night vision
7. Voice recording capability has an effective recording radius of upto 40m making it a super spy cam
8. Can support upto 32GB memory card
(Memory card NOT included)

Remote Access Table Clock WiFi Camera


This camera can record both continuous video or by motion detection. A motion sensor built into the palean cam will detect movement and begin recording automatically. You won’t need to worry about manually starting the recording. Built-in setup allows you to select the specific areas where you want the camera to detect motion, so that insignificant triggers like curtains blowing in the wind do not activate the recording.

Main Features: 

1. 720P WiFi Clock hidden camera
2. Remote monitoring by Android/Iphone smartphones or Tablets anytime in anywhere 3. Support TF card: Up to 32GB
4. Video Resolution: 1280 x 720, H.264 5. Support motion detection video recording 6. H.264 video compression data storage is equivalent to 1Hour/1GB
7. Support night vision


Table Clock Camera with Night Vision

1. It is a remote camera monitoring clock with external TF card memory, a high-tech product with multifunction.
2. Fashionable appearance,with stereoscopic UV finish on device body.
3. 5 mega-pixel camera is available for HD video or photo shooting.
4. 10 invisible black pearl night vision lights are applied, and the night vision effect is outstanding.
5. Hidden one-key recording function, set the device free from remote controller.
6. Brand new design, hidden camera to avoid being discovered.
7. Able to record while charging.
8. All-in-one multi functions: video recording, night vision, sound recording, motion detection.
9. Pixel: 5 mega-pixel CMOS
10. Resolution: 1920 x 1080
11. Video Format: AVI
12. Frame Number: 30fps
13. Minimum Illumination: 1LUX

Spy Audio Bug

This is an extremely portable audio bug that supports all GSM SIM cards and can be put anywhere you fancy to have a real time voice activation and listening capability with a whooping radius of upto 10m2. It has a compact design and is best suited to listen in to suspect conversations in your home, office or business premises. Its ease of use makes this product a must have for discrete listeningAudio Bug Features:

1. Operational frequencies: 850mhz, 900mhz, 1800mhz/1900mhz
2. Working range: 5-15 metres
3. Support for all GSM SIM card
4. Standby time: 7days
5. Built in rechargeable Lithium battery

Spy Pen Camera

Ideal for business and on the move video recording surveillance. Are you about to sign that life changing land transaction? Or just about to buy a car from a not too trusting car broker or in a meeting in which you need to get damning information? Then the spy pen camera is your next best friend.
Key Features:
1. Made of high quality and durable material
2. High sensitivity microphone
3. Long time voice recording
4. Supports motion video recording
5. It can be used as a normal pen with elegant appearance and fluent writing
6. Allows you to easily set time and date
7. Supports Micro SD card
(Memory card NOT included)
1. Video Formats:AVI
2. Video coding:M-JPEG
3. Video resolution:720 x 480 VGA
4. Photo JPG Format 1280 x 1024
5. Video frame rate:30fps
6. The ratio of image:4:3
7. Charging voltage:DC-5V
8. Battery Type:High-capacity lithium polymer

160 Hour Bulb Nanny Camera

This is a revolutionary Bulb  Camera that can
1. Record a whooping 160 hours (Approximately 7days) of crystal clear video footage with both video and sound.
2. Extremely easy to use. Simply screw it in your normal bulb socket and you are good to go. When you switch it on it automatically starts recording. When you switch it off it automatically stops to record.
3. It has an extremely clear night vision capability far much better than the expensive CCTVs
4. 5 megapixel high quality recording resolution 1080P.
1. Power requirements: AC110V-250V
2. 2Pieces IR Array lamps for Night Vision
3. 2.8mm lens (140 degree wide angle viewing)
4. 4GB is approximately 20 hours of video footage.

Speaker WIFI remote camera

View remotely anywhere in the world at the comfort of your Android and Iphone smartphones or Tablets.
This WIFI remote surveillance camera looks like a miniature speaker. When its placed in the entertainment unit of the sitting room it discreetly blends in with the other electronics such as the TV, decorder, DVD player and home theatre system.
It has a fantastic angle of viewing and has excellent video footage. Additionally its very easy to install and connect to your phone wherever you are in the world to monitor what is happening in your home, office or business.
1. Easy to connect to your home WiFi network to establish a worlwide connection
2. It works with or without WiFi
3. Has a 360 degree placement
4. It records upto 7 days on WiFi using a 32GB memory card
5. Has the capability to have a two way talk communication
(Memory card NOT included)

Hand Made Oil Wall Painting

This is an exquisite Hand Made Oil Wall Painting that in addition to adding beautiful aesthetics to your home doubles up as discreet nanny camera.Specifications
1. Supports recording while charging thereby extending recording hours 24/7
2. Simply plug and play
3. Supports a big memory capacity of upto 32GB for long time recording capability
4. HD hidden camera with remote control for ease of operation
5. Ideal for homes, offices, workshops, business premises etc.
6. Battery Power duration is approximately 9hours
7. Can support memory up to Max 32GB

Car/Bus/Taxi Surveillance Camera

Would you like to monitor the activities in your car, bus or taxi? Then this mobile DVR car camera will do just that. It has the capability of storing upto 160 hours of video data both audio and sound.
1. Recording format: VGA 640 x 480
2. Local storage format is 3GP/AVI
3. Has a loop recording functionality
4. Has synchronized sound recording
5. Recording time for 4GB is about 20 hours (Translate to 160hours approx 7 days of continuous recording)
6. Has super night vision equipped with strong IR leds.
7. Supports motion detection function.
(Memory card NOT included)

Wall Clock  Camera

This Wall Clock with hidden HD camera is a actually a practical and beautiful clock that serves the purpose of keeping time in your home and at the sametime watches every single move that happens in your home in the most discreet manner ever.Specifications
1. Supports recording while charging thereby extending recording hours 24/7
2. Simply plug and play
3. Supports a big memory capacity of upto 32GB for long time recording capability
4. HD hidden camera with remote control for ease of operation
5. Ideal for homes, offices, workshops, business premises etc.
6. Battery Power duration is approximately 9hours
7. Can support memory up to Max 32GB
(Memory card NOT included)

Flash Drive Voice Recorder

The Flash Drive Voice Recorder is extremely useful in places where for the sake of privacy you wouldn’t want to put a video recorder for instance in the nanny’s room.
Additionally it can be used in business meetings, lecture halls or on the move discreet recording.
It records extremely sharp and crisp audio with the a radius of 100m. Above all its extremely easy to use.Specifications (NB. Watermark Company Name NOT on actual camera)
1. Recording format is WAV (Can be played back in any audio player/smartphone/digital TV etc.
2. Comes with an INBUILT memory of 4GB
3. Recording time is 48hours with super clear audio recordings
4. Supports recording while charging.