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                                          Quick HealTotal Security


                                       Quick Heal Total Security

1User, 1 Year 1500ksh        3User, 1 Year 2ksh  


  • Shop, bank and pay your bills online with complete security.
  • Block unauthorized USB drives from copying your confidential data.
  • Scan and clean your smartphone via your PC.
  • Boost your computer’s performance for multitasking and power-hungry tasks.

                                          Quick Heal Internet Security


                                Quick Heal Internet Security
 1 User, 1 Year @1000ksh  2 User, 1 Year@1300ksh 3 User, 1 Year@1700ksh
  • Stay safe from infected, fake and bogus websites.
  • Shop and bank online without worrying about hackers and malware.
  • Stay away from data-stealing programs such as keyloggers and spyware.
  • Manage and control your children’s Internet and computer usage.


Quick HealAntiVirus Pro

                                                   Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro
1 User, 1 Year750ksh, 2 User 1 Year 900ksh,  3 User1 Year1350ksh


  • Stay away from new and unknown malware threats.
  • Scan your PC without slowing it down.
  • Keep your inbox free of infected emails.
  • Stay safe from malicious Internet downloads.


Quick HealTotal Security for Mac

                                       Quick Heal Total Security for Mac
1 User,1700 ksh1 Year1 User, 2500ksh1 Year1 User, 1 Year3500ksh
  • Fast and highly responsive virus protection
  • Browsing and Phishing protection to keep malicious websites at bay
  • Smooth email protection monitors email traffic for malware, including any sent as attachments from Windows users
  • Macbook Tracking facility


Image result for quick heal banner 2017