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We’re the Kenya’s leading projector specialist. Whether you’re looking for an office projector or home cinema projector, we’re here to help. Since 2005, we’ve helped over 50,000 customers find their perfect projector. If you’re looking to create a big image in a small space, consider our short throw projector range.
Alternatively, if you’re displaying detailed content or large spreadsheets, you may want to consider a high-resolution Full HD Projector or even a 4K UHD projector. Is your meeting room really bright? Look for a bright office projector, over 4000 lumens.
Selecting the right projector for your specific needs can be tricky, so we’ve created some handy guides to help simplify the specifications and jargon in to easy to understand language.
We’re always just a phone call away on  0725106822 to discuss the finer points of throw distances, image sizes, connections, wireless projectors and screen choices. Let us help you find the right projector.
 Home Cinema Projectors 
Whisper quiet fans as well as enhanced video processors to reproduce smooth, colour accurate images.
 Office Projectors 
Quick on and off times, long lamp life and warranties as well as optional wireless presentation dongles.
Short Throw Projectors
Project large images even in the most confined spaces.
Education Projectors
Projectors for primary, secondary and higher education.
Large Venue Projectors
Projectors for Auditoriums, conference halls and more.
Laser Projectors
Lamp free projection.