What it Gives to Your Business

Our integrated next-generation endpoint security platform, powered by our global intelligence network (the Kaspersky Security Network) provides unprecedented levels of security. This powerful multi-layered protection against known, unknown and advanced threats is designed and built by the industry’s leading security experts who have discovered and continue to more complicated threats in the industry than anyone else.chnologies

Prevent Loss of Confidential Data

Powerful data encryption helps you to protect important confidential information from files, folders, disks and removable devices. For example, if a laptop is lost or stolen, it needn’t result in unauthorized access to sensitive data. With the data encrypted into an unreadable form, you’re less likely to suffer the embarrassment and costs associated with data security breaches. Our data encryption is easy to configure and can be managed from the same management console used to control all our endpoint security technologies.

Eliminate Vulnerabilities on Your Network – Quickly

Kaspersky Lab products provide centralized control over vulnerability assessment and the distribution of the latest patches so you can quickly and reliably reduce your exposure to threats. Our technologies will scan your entire corporate network to identify vulnerabilities that result from unpatched applications or operating systems. The detected vulnerabilities can then be prioritized and we then provide an automated process for distributing the necessary patches and updates to the relevant endpoints on your network.

Kaspersky endpoint security for business1-50Employees

Kaspersky endpoint security for business50+Employees

Kaspersky endpoint security for business1000+Employees

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