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  Intercoms and Video Door Phones in kenya

Palean Kenya Security System Intercoms/Video Doorphone, come with invisible recorder, digital clock  and perperual calendar all in one. They also have auto-recording into SD card for outside moving people, with huge message storage capacity.Our Intercoms/Video Doorphones, also comes with wireless video handsfree intercom function, wireless unlocking function, wireless monitoring function.The designs are nifty some with TFT color screen with low power consumption, no radiation and high definition, night vision, outdoor monitoring and motion detection.

Intercoms and Video Door Phones                                                                       Colored Video Door Phone with Camera

Video_Intercom-Videophone                                      colored-video-doorphone-n-camera


Wireless Video Door Phone with Auto-Record                                                       Audio Intercom – Interphone Doorphone

wireless video doorphone with auto-record                                                  Audio Intercom - Interphone Doorphone


Color Video Doorphone with Motion Detection                                                 Videophone, Intercom – Compact Slim Design

Color Video Doorphone with motion detect                                    Videophone, Intercom - Compact Slim Design


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