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Transcend Hard Disks and Flash Disks

Wondering where to buy Transcend products in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya?
For the best of Transcend products,
call our Transcend shop in Nairobi or palean kenya and have your preferred product delivered to a pick-up location near you anywhere in Kenya.
paleankenya is among the authorised Transcend dealers in Nairobi with an extensive collection of Transcend products at affordable prices.
Call +254204406822 or drop email to info@paleankenya.co.ke to speak to a Transcend sale specialist.

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Trascend 1TB Hard Disk @ Ksh.7,000.00

Trascend 2TB Hard Disk @Ksh.11,500.00

Trascend 3TB Hard Disk @Ksh.13,500.00

Trascend 4TB Hard Disk @Ksh.16,500.00

Image result for transcend flash 64gb Trascend 4GB Flash Disk @Ksh.500.00

Trascend 8GB Flash Disk @Ksh.800.00

Trascend 16GB Flash Disk @Ksh.1,100.00

Trascend 32GB Flash Disk @Ksh.1,600.00

Trascend 64GB Flash Disk @Ksh.3,500.00

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Trascend 4GB memory card@Ksh.450.00

Trascend 8GB memory card@Ksh.750.00

Trascend 16GB memory card @Ksh.1,150.00

Trascend 32GB memory card @Ksh.1,550.00

Trascend 64GB memory card@Ksh.3,450.00