Access control can take many forms in the Public Sector.  public or government department in a multi-office building. At the other end are large and complex computer-based automated systems incorporating multiple gates, barriers and doors that require staff to present some form or identification or passes.

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In the daytime access control systems can create a safe and secure environment for both your staff and visitors. They also protect vital equipment and other organisational assets. For those organisations with sensitive operations, such as laboratories, these systems enable you to restrict staff movement to the parts of the premises you have given them authorisation to be in.

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What Is Biometric Access Control and Where Can You Find It?

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Biometric access control refers to a specific example of access control, which is the business of authorizing personnel to enter a closed quarters or gain access to a restricted object. Biometric access control is the science and technology of the business as it relates to analyzing biological data as a means to control access.Biometric access control features can measure various human characteristics like a person’s fingerprint, their eye retinas and irises, their vocal patterns, facial shapes and hand measurements.

Access Control in kenya

Are your premises secure? Who comes through your door? Do you require special authorization for certain areas of your factory, business or plant?

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Better than card based systems, biometrics makes sure that the person is identified and not just his card.

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